Design Philosophy

A holistic, client-centered approach

Unlike many firms of our size, Firma Design Group includes both landscape architects and civil engineers. We understand that these professions are interrelated on every project, and this holistic philosophy informs everything we do — from the initial client meeting to the last day of construction. Our team members connect and integrate the two disciplines and coordinate all other resources necessary. A principal is intimately involved in each project — this one-on-one relationship enables us to fully understand each client’s unique goals, and is integral to our successful design process. We place the highest value on excellent communication with our clients so that the final results exceed your expectations.

Relationship of Landscape Architecture and Civil Engineering at Firma Design Group

Civil Engineering and Landscape Architecture are directly related design professions that work in the built environment, although significant distinctions do exist between the two. Civil Engineers are primarily involved with the planning, design, and management of public infrastructure, while landscape architects are skilled at the design and use of the land. Both professions encompass a wide array of services, but similarly, they provide technical analysis to solve very complex problems. The strength of having civil engineers and landscape architects in house is that the training and expertise of each profession offer a different approach and perspective on creative problem solving. Our multi-disciplinary team often finds solutions to problems that were not evident in the initial analysis during our active collaboration.

The most successful projects require focused planning and careful integration of the design professions to provide maximum benefit to the client, end user and site. At Firma Design Group, our team of civil engineers and landscape architects work together to create collaborative designs which directly respond to site opportunities and constraints, client desires, and budget considerations. With civil engineering and landscape architecture expertise in house, project communication and work productivity are streamlined, which ultimately saves our clients valuable time and money.


For private clients

Our planning services coordinate all the resources needed for your project, streamline the process, and help you get faster approvals. We assist our clients with any necessary pre-design work, including due diligence to make sure your project is feasible, working with the municipality to determine project requirements, and moving your project through each step of approvals. Because we have a reputation for excellence and longstanding relationships with many municipalities, clients are often surprised at how quickly their projects are approved.

For municipal clients

Our planning services help streamline the team, scope, and goals of any project. Our principals and staff are well-qualified to assist municipalities with many aspects, including presenting at public forums, facilitating community meetings and workshops that encourage public participation, working with zoning issues, entitlements, and much more.

Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is the foundation that any enjoyable, long lasting outdoor space is built upon, and ensures that all the technical aspects of the site function properly. Firma Design Group provides services that encompass site plan layouts, topographic site mapping, grading and drainage, stormwater management, erosion control, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance reviews, construction plans, and build-out supervision.

Landscape Architecture

Landscape architecture combined technical skill and art form to sculpt the earth and natural environment. At Firma Design Group, our goal is also to design a project that the client loves and is beneficial to its surroundings. We use our expertise in site analysis, grading, drainage, plants, irrigation, microclimates, hardscape, and structures to provide initial conceptual development plans — including preliminary planting and irrigation plans, site plans and preliminary drainage plans — as well as complete construction documentation, detailing, and specifications.