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Irrigation Audit
Santa Rosa, California
November 2017

Irrigation Audit

In addition to being registered landscape architects and civil engineers, Firma Design Group's Vice President, Mike Cook, is a Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor (CLIA), certified by the Irrigation Association.  A CLIA is the only professional who is able to audit irrigation systems installed on new residential, commercial and municipal projects.

Having a Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor (CLIA) on our team allows Firma to extend our irrigation expertise outside of our own designs.  We are often approached by developers and other landscape professionals to audit their irrigation designs and installations.  This month we were approached to audit the landscape of the new Popeye's Chicken restaurant that is now serving in their southwest Santa Rosa location.

In order to comply with the City of Santa Rosa's building requirements, this new development needed their irrigation system inspected and approved by a CLIA.  During our site visit we performed a visual audit of the drip irrigation system.  This included reviewing the irrigation installation and controller programming and making sure that the system was in proper working order with no leaks or runoff and appropriate hydrozoning.  After completing our visual audit, we prepared a thorough and organized irrigation audit and assessment report for submittal to the City of Santa Rosa.

We consolidated the information recorded, during the visual audit, to inform the existing controller settings and included in our report:  proposed irrigation settings to improve water use efficiency, an illustrative map to visually organize the site, per hydrozone and a proposed maintenance schedule.  In less than a week, we were happy to help our client check off one of the last requirements needed to complete their new development.