Project Details

Project Type
Novato, California
April 2015

Red Hill Shopping Center

Located on Sir Francis Drake Boulevard, one of Marin’s main thoroughfares, this project is the gateway to West Marin for residents and visitors alike. For this reason, the owners of the shopping center wanted to revitalize and update the center. We worked with SZFM Design Studio on the Red Hill Shopping Center renovation project. Our construction plans provided fresh and colorful concepts for the landscape, hardscape, site amenities and furnishings in the bustling location. Pedestrian access, safety, and comfort were the main project goals in addition to providing quality aesthetics.

Some of the notable improvements included: the creation of a detailed pedestrian courtyard with plenty of outdoor seating areas and bike racks; colorful and interesting paving in the entry drive and store frontages to identify pedestrian circulation; installation of ADA accessible features throughout the property; installation of new light fixtures for improved safety and security; installation of large landscape pots with annual flowers and vines for increased color and interest.

During construction in 2012, our firm provided construction administration services throughout the project and the final walk through and inspection with water district personnel. Additionally, we worked with the installation/maintenance providers to ensure the installation was completed as specified.