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San Anselmo, California

SF Theological Seminary

For the past thirteen years, FDG has been involved in multiple projects for the Town of San Anselmo’s most iconic properties. Our scope has included Master Plan amendments and entitlements, overall hydrology analysis, utilities mapping, Design Review drawings and approval, and construction drawings for site improvements including street and parking lot reconfiguration, ADA improvements and storm water facilities.

The twenty-one acre campus predates the Town and current population and in recent years a main issue for the property has been periodic flooding. A combination of drastically increased impervious surfaces surrounding the property and inadequate utilities for handling the volume of storm water created during large storm events leaves portions of the site inundated. As the civil engineer in the consultant design team, we provided our civil engineering expertise in hydrology analysis to illustrate that proposed site improvements would not make historically flood prone areas worse. For storm water management and mitigation, we designed detention basins and bioswales to percolate onsite water and alleviate site flooding.