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Anderson, California

Downtown Anderson Master Plan

Michael provided urban design and landscape architectural services for the small community of Anderson which had been in an economic recession for years. The City wanted to install a one block demonstration area of concepts developed by the firm to show Stakeholders what the entire Downtown area could be like.

As Project Manager, Michael worked with City of Anderson and Redevelopment Agency staff to design a demonstration block in the southern Downtown district. Desiring a fresh look while retaining the small town character, the design included new street furnishings and concrete pavers, updated light fixtures, tree grates, trash and recycling containers, railings and benches. Street trees were also added, along with utility trenches. Concept and construction plans were also prepared for a water feature, stage, and a plaza. The project was eventually revised to include a new administration building proposal by Shasta County.

The demonstration area was praised by the City and quickly grew into a two block project. The new plaza has proven to be a community asset to Downtown Anderson, accommodating both small and large group gatherings. The streetscape, including the furniture, trees, landscaping, lighting, and utilities, provides the perfect combination of modern and rural small town feel. Since completion, Downtown Anderson has seen several private property owners interested in building projects on their land.