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San Rafael, California

Marin County Civic Center

Our firm was hired under two separate contracts with the united goal of water conservation. In order to better maintain and design future projects for the campus, the County needed an overall mapping and assessment of the existing irrigation system and landscape plantings.

Firma Design Group compiled state of the art GIS mapping information into a data set that was surveyed onsite in a detailed and precise manner. Surveyed data points were post processed into an interactive GIS map that allows staff to select an irrigation product on site and reference a data table associated with that item. The data set displays all source information including: product ID, controller association, meter number of water flowing to the product, manufacturer, and current condition. From these data points, the maintenance staff can easily identify areas of degrade and areas of proper performance. This tool allows the County staff to identify & designate future projects to the areas of highest demand.

During plant inventory, we mapped physical locations and analysed plant species for general health and appearance. Through the process we found that irrigation efficiency directly correlated with plant health on site. Often times, we were able to make recommendations to the maintenance department for easy repairs to the irrigation system which greatly benefitted the plants.

Some of our recommendations included converting turf areas into mulched areas or low water use landscaping, utilizing icentral capable two wire controllers for better irrigation program management, and various other equipment specifications that were proper for Marin Civic Center microclimate and maintenance schedule in order to increase system efficiency.