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December 2017

Snyder Lane Rehabilitation

Firma Design Group was chosen to provide professional engineering design services to rehabilitate the pavement on Snyder Lane from Keiser Avenue North to Moura Lane in Rohnert Park. 

The existing pavement was severely distressed and had inconsistent cross slopes which made for an uneven and bumpy ride.  Cinquini and Passarino, Inc. performed the topographic survey for the project and Miller Pacific Engineering Group performed the geotechnical investigation to determine rehabilitation strategies to renew the pavement.  It was determined that the roadway needed to be reconstructed and a full depth reclamation was chosen as the most environmentally friendly method to provide the strength to handle the heavy vehicle traffic. 

The process involves pulverizing the existing pavement and underlying base rock and mixing in cement to provide a stable subbase, excess material is removed to allow for asphalt concrete surfacing.

The project rehabilitated .75 miles of a two-lane minor arterial with bike lanes on each side and a two-way left turn lane with 213,475 square feet of pavement.  The project improvements included ADA compliant ramps, replacement of damaged curb gutter and sidewalk, traffic signal modifications and rehabilitation of the pavement.  The pavement rehabilitation included cold plane existing asphalt concrete, full depth reclamation cement 18" deep and overlaying with new asphalt concrete.