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Novato, California

Canyon Green

Canyon Green is a 25 unit single family home development located in Marin County. Surrounded by an existing residential neighborhood and an oak covered hillside, the project embraced the preservation of existing trees and utilized water conservation measures to lessen the impacts of a new development on local ecology and resources.

Some of the sustainable measures taken include: providing water cleansing rain gardens for each individual lot; establishing a hillside conservation area for habitat preservation; the use of planted bioswales to capture and clean site runoff water; and use of native plants for their low water and maintenance requirements.

The project features a centrally located park known as “The Green” for both passive and active recreation and creates a sense of place for its residents. Existing native trees were seamlessly integrated into the park design. Landscape services included initial consultation, site design, preliminary and final design review documentation, cost estimation, and improvement plans/construction documentation for bidding. Firma Design Group’s landscape and irrigation plans and water budget calculations satisfied North Marin Water District’s requirements for water use which are among the most restrictive in the state.