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Petaluma, California

Celcius 44

Located within the Theater District of the City of Petaluma, this multi-family development provides excellent opportunities for residents to take public transit, walk to restaurants and downtown, and live within the developing District. The combined modern architecture, street furniture palette, and planting scheme all reinforce the downtown area master plan. In working with the City of Petaluma Site Plan Architectural Review Committee (SPARC), the developer and consultants coordinated with surrounding developments, City staff and area residents to provide this area of the downtown with a fabulous project.

Firma Design Group, along with City staff, determined the street furnishings for the neighborhood including streetlights, benches, fencing, mailboxes, etc. Streetscape planting palettes were developed to coincide with future development in the area and complement the existing streetscape while projects were being reviewed by the City.

Celsius 44, with its close proximity to the proposed Sonoma Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART) train station and rejuvenated downtown Petaluma, has proven to be a boon to the Theater District. Following the developers’ guiding principles in making this development a “green”, sustainable investment in the community, the project has proven to be a winner in many different categories of statewide development competitions.