Project Details

Project Type
Santa Rosa, California

Streamside Place

This row-home style development included over 80 units that fronted either the street or the park and back-upon service alleys. As a very successful model for this property, the developer was able to build the project in phases as the need arise. Firma Design Group (FDG) played a significant role by providing conceptual and site design through construction documentation for all common area landscape, model homes and community spaces.

FDG’s sustainable landscape design concepts focused on low-water use, low-maintenance plant materials and the use of native plants to provide habitat, refuge and food for local species.

The project was required to meet the minimum guidelines established by the City of Santa Rosa’s Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance. FDG’s landscape plans easily satisfied the restrictive City requirements.

In addition to submitting construction documents, Firma Design Group provided field observation, quality assurance, risk assessments, project cost estimates, and was integral at gaining project approval at the end of the project.