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Petaluma, California

Sweed School

At the Sweed School, located on Keller Avenue (Oakhill-Brewster Historic District) in Petaluma, California, Firma Design Group was contracted with the builder to design a landscape that would aesthetically improve the 84 year old school site. Working with the entire team, the end result was a successfully developed landscape design that blended current design philosophies and the 1920s architecture that was ever-present. The landscape design passed all current water use ordinances and allowed for the large turf area representative of the school’s landscaping.

Each condominium has their own private patio or balcony and the three new units on the rear of the property have been landscaped with a similar respect to the historical aesthetic. The metal fencing around each of the private patios and also used as handrails was selected for its capability to blend with and complement the architecture. Site lighting was accomplished with low-level landscape lighting designed and selected by the firm. The lighting is inconspicuous, but lights all of the pathways around the site.

West Bay Builders was the developer, Chris Craiker was the architect and the Oakhill-Brewster Historic District played a large role in the project.